TomoWave Medical Group

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Seeing the Sound of Light !

Heliosonix develops patented imaging technologies for preclinical and clinical applications.

Our breakthrough solutions combine laser light and ultrasound, called optoacoustic imaging.

Our team consists of medtech veterans of medtronic, jnj and danaher and our technical founder is recognized as “the father of biomedical optoacoustics.”

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Our Products

Preclinical Imaging Systems

Laser Optoacoustic Ultrasonic Imaging System (ARIA G1) for anatomical, functional and molecular imaging of mouse models of diseases

Clinical Imaging Systems

HelioSonix clinical systems being developed include: (i) diagnostic imaging of breast cancer and (ii) universal system for image guided interventions

Imaging Research Services

HelioSonix team can help academic researchers by providing in house imaging systems for specific preclinical imaging projects involving mouse models of cancer, vascular diseases, etc.